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Re-Occupancy / Temporary Store Permit.

This permit is required for all Mall tenant spaces involving the re-location of a tenant, change of occupant, or change of use, where there is no new construction. Complete permit and inspection information can be obtained from the following two documents:

  1. Mall Re-Occupancy Procedure.pdf
  2. Mall Re-Occupancy Application.pdf

Alteration / Interior Finish Permit.

This permit is required for any new construction.

If you are not familiar with our Permit and Inspection requirements, we encourage you to review the Permit FAQ and Inspection FAQ prior to applying for a permit.

You will need to submit the following information for a permit:

1) A completed permit application
Application Form: Commercial Permit Application.pdf
You will need to provide the correct mailing address for the specific tenant space. Please no not list the address as 291 Chesterfield Mall as that is the Mall office address.

2) Two (2) sets each of Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical plans.

Please verify your plans address the following items:

  1. Smoke control system. Please provide specific information on the smoke control system, such as identify the location of the various components and provide a sequence of operation for the smoke control system.
  2. Protection of the building’s egress corridor. In order to maintain an acceptable level of safety for the building’s occupants, please verify that any work, such as, demolition, wall framing, hanging of the corridor side drywall and the installation of the fire resistance rated door with closer and latch, involving the building’s two-hour fire resistance rated exit access corridors will be accomplished during a single work day.
  3. Security exit device. If you intend on installing a security exit device, such as a Detex lock, on the fire resistance rated exit access corridor door please provide documentation to verify the lock is listed for such use and will maintain a positive latch when unlocked.