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We Need To Hear Your Voice!

We Need To Hear Your Voice!

Monarch NEXT is a community-led effort to bring the community and Monarch Fire Protection District together to discover challenges and opportunities facing the fire district now and in the future, with a focus on assessing the need to add an ambulance to the district to improve emergency response times and to improve overall operational efficiency. 

The Monarch Fire Protection District is inviting the community to learn more about these challenges and potential solutions, which could include adding an ambulance and more firefighters/paramedics to provide faster response times. 

By listening to everyone's ideas and best thinking, we can ensure our fire protection district is providing the level of emergency services expected by our community. 

Join us for a Monarch NEXT community workshop to learn more, evaluate possible solutions and let us know what you think!


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Do you have questions? Please reach out and ask here: "I have a question"

The Monarch NEXT facilitating team is responsible for developing community engagement activities, including community workshops and other ways to gather community feedback. In late May, they will present the community feedback gathered and information learned through the process in a final report to the Board of Trustees.


Community Chairs: 
Lauren Edens
Jo Ann Smith

Community Representatives: 
Marlyn Flauter
Pete Farley
Ellen Leible
Carol Long
Tim Long
Lynn Potts

Monarch Fire Protection District Representatives: 
Fire Chief Russ Adams
Deputy Chief Nick Smith
Controller Abby Sowatsky