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The Monarch Fire Protection District provides numerous classes specialized in training the public on how to help save lives. Contact our Public Education Specialist, Tom Morrow for any questions you may have.

Stop The Bleed Classes

The Monarch Fire Protection District currently has several certified Stop the Bleed instructors. Stop the Bleed classes teach essential techniques for controlling bleeding in emergencies, empowering individuals to become immediate responders. Participants learn how to apply tourniquets, pack wounds, and apply pressure to staunch bleeding effectively. These skills are crucial for saving lives in accidents, natural disasters, or other emergencies where rapid action is necessary.

CPR Classes

Empower your community with lifesaving skills! The Monarch Fire Protection District offers free CPR classes exclusively for residents of the fire district. The charge for CPR classes for non-residents is $75.00 per person. Learn how to confidently respond in emergencies. Equip yourself with the knowledge that can make a difference in someone’s life. We offer these CPR classes quarterly.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Enhance your safety preparedness with our hands-on fire extinguisher training sessions offered by the Monarch Fire Protection District. Learn the proper techniques to effectively combat small fires and protect your loved ones and property. Equip yourself with invaluable skills. This is a class designed for groups of people or organizations.


All of the Monarch Fire Protection District ambulances are equipped with SurgiVet Pet Resuscitation Masks. In the event of a fire, our firefighter/paramedics are trained in life-saving techniques for family pets. We do everything that we can to save your pets.

Boy Scouts Red Card Training

Prepare your scouts for emergencies with our Boy Scout Red Card training, providing essential skills in first aid, CPR, and emergency response. Equip your troop with the knowledge to stay calm and act swiftly in challenging situations, fostering leadership and preparedness.

First Aid Training Classes

Empower yourself and your community with our free first-aid training program offered by the fire department. Learn essential life-saving techniques, from basic wound care to CPR, taught by experienced professionals. Be ready to confidently respond to emergencies.