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The Monarch Fire Protection District provides prehospital medical care to 7 governmental entities covering 62.7 square miles. The delivery of state of the art patient care is provided by 105 state certified emergency care providers who are supported by 20+ firefighters and staff members. The emergency medical services division is overseen by 3 EMS Captains who work closely with the on duty Engine House Captains, who then report to the On Duty Battalion Chief, who reports to the Deputy Chief of the EMS division.

The District operates 4 fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS) Units including 2 paramedics, and maintains 2 ALS units in reserve. The District ALS units are equipped with state of the art tools of the trade including, the Auto pulse, a resuscitation adjunct. All engines and trucks are staffed with at least one paramedic and fully capable of beginning advanced medical care until an ambulance arrives on scene.

The delivery of exceptional emergency medical services in a partially rural area sometimes involves calling for the assistance of specially equipped medevac helicopters staffed and trained to deal with special prehospital situations. Monarch FPD routinely deals with these providers in order to assure rapid transport of critical patients from remote locations or to avoid delays in transport. Intensive in-service training classes are conducted with the helicopter service providers to ensure the safety of our patients, district personnel and the helicopter crews.

The Monarch FPD is a participant in a group of medical care providers overseen by Mercy Hospital – St. Louis, which serves as our Medical control, providing oversight in training and treatment protocols.

This conglomeration of prehospital EMS care providers is dedicated to the values of quality patient care, teamwork and innovation.

Our District also participates in an enhanced 9-1-1 system that captures, controls and protects patient care information for use in monitoring, evaluating and providing the best possible care to our citizens. The Monarch FPD is committed to the protection of an individual’s private patient healthcare information and maintains a comprehensive patient information policy Privacy Practices Notice.

If you have a need for release of private medical information, please click this link to access our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) release form HIPAA Release Form.

For more information contact the Emergency Medical Services Staff.