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Commercial Permits & Inspections

The Monarch Fire Protection District issues various permits for both commercial businesses and district residents.

The types of Permits you can obtain through the Monarch Fire Protection Department are:

Is your building or project in the Monarch Fire Protection District?

Please visit St Louis County Property Lookup to enter the address of the property in question to confirm the property is in the Monarch Fire Protection District.

Commercial Permits

General Information

Please be aware that the Fire District Permit and Inspection Process is completely independent of any city / county permitting process that may also be required for your project.

You will need submit a completed permit application form and construction documents directly to the fire district.

Please submit your application and plans to the Fire District at the same time you submit them to the city / county in order to allow concurrent plan reviews. This will save time and allow you to begin construction sooner.

You will need Fire District AND city / county approval before you begin construction.

How to apply for a fire district permit

Application Form: The Fire Permit Application shall be filled out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY.

Application Form: Commercial Permit Application.pdf

Submit One (1) set of construction documents, as listed below, for review.

Once the permit is approved this set will be returned to the permittee. This approved set will need to stay on the job site for use by our Inspectors until the final inspection and occupancy is approved.

Unless stated otherwise all construction plans, spec books and hydraulic calculations must be properly signed and sealed by the appropriate design professional.

Once a permit has been reviewed and approved, an electronic copy of the submitted permit documentation shall be provided before the permit is issued.

New Building


Alteration / Interior Finish

Permit Fees

The applicant will be notified when permits are approved.

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If you have any questions regarding permits, inspection or general information, please contact our office at 314-514-0900, ext. 2230 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or by email at: fireprevention @ monarchfpd.org.