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Billing Questions

Thank you for seeking information related to your EMS billing questions.

The Monarch Fire Protection District provides Advanced Life Support EMS service for our entire community. Our billing practice minimizes the impact on our residents, as we only bill your insurance and only for they level of acuity of care you receive. You should never receive a bill for services rendered in our current practice. If you should receive a bill, please contact the Deputy Chief of EMS via our Contact Us page or call him at at (314) 514-0900 x2232.

For our non-resident patients, we will first bill your insurance company but if it is not covered completely, you may receive a bill requesting the remainder of the balance. Please follow the instructions on that request at your earliest convenience.

If you have received a request in the mail for a signature for insurance purposes from a company called Mediclaims located in Tulsa, OK, please know this is legitimate as they are our third party billing partner. Many times we are unable to collect all of the pertinent information necessary for billing at the time of care and often have to follow up with you after the fact. However, if you ever have any specific questions or are unsure of the legitimacy of a request being made of you related to our service, please contact Deputy Chief of EMS Nick Smith at (314) 514-0900 x2232.