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Robin Harris, President
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Chuck Marsonette, Fire Chief

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Chesterfield, MO-One of the earliest challenges for the new Command Team of Chief Marsonette and Assistant Chief Spiegel was to evaluate the Capital needs of the District. After much research it was learned the previous Administration was pursuing a replacement plan using a Bond initiative for funding. Reserve apparatus was left in disrepair as a result of this plan. This would have burdened the residents of Monarch Fire Protection District to a thirty-four million dollar loan.

Since June, the Fire District has taken a more conservative direction with support of the Board of Directors. The Elevated Platform at House 4 has been sent to the manufacturer to be refurbished and placed in reserve ladder service upon its return. House 4 has a new 95’ Elevated Platform scheduled to go in full service March 20, 2015. A new 1,500 gallon per minute Smeal Pumper has been ordered and expected delivery is later this year. An International Horton Advanced Life Support Vehicle has been ordered and delivery is later this year. A new Maintenance Truck has been placed for bid and expected delivery is later this year as well. Two Command Staff Vehicles have been delivered and are in full service. The properties are on a continual scheduled maintenance program with large Capital items scheduled in medium range planning.

Chief Marsonette decided to immediately send the Elevated Platform to the factory to be refurbished. The work will complete in about six months. Completion of the new Pumper and Life Support Vehicle require about 8-10 months. The Maintenance Division was instructed to evaluate the repair needs of the Reserve Apparatus, which was done. The two Reserve Pumpers were sent for repair. Command Staff knew this change in philosophy would create challenges. Fortunately plans were made for those expected hurdles. Chief Marsonette arranged to have access to loaner apparatus. Neighboring Districts were happy to assist and there was never a time of interrupted service because of preparation and management.

The health of the District is improving as expected. Both Reserve Pumpers have been addressed, the new Elevated Platform is in service, the new Reserve Pumper and Life Support Vehicle are ordered, we have the Command Staff Vehicles in service, and the Maintenance Division is strong. Initial outlay and depreciation costs are significantly reduced. We fully expect to sell two of our older Fire Trucks and one of the older Ambulances later this year. This will leave the fleet and the property in excellent shape and equally important, it was all accomplished without a tax increase or sale of Bonds.