Are you located in the Monarch Fire Protection District?

ISO Score

Effective July 1, 2019 Monarch FPD has an ISO split classification of Class 2 / 10. The Class 2 rating applies to all properties within 5 road miles of a fire station.

Residential Structure Fire Response – Single Family Dwellings

Fire Departments Responding

  • There will be multiple fire departments involved

  • All St. Louis County fire departments utilize an automatic aid system whereas the fire departments send apparatus to calls outside of their own jurisdictional boundaries based on pre-arranged response plans.

  • All St Louis County fire departments near Monarch FPD:

    • Have same dispatch agency

    • Will be dispatched at same time as Monarch FPD

    • Share common radio frequencies and fireground tactics

Firefighting Operations - Areas Without Fire Hydrants

Firefighting in areas without fire hydrants involve the use of multiple tanker trucks to shuttle water from fire hydrants to the fire scene. Tankers discharge the water into portable folding tanks allowing them to quickly dump the water and head back to the fill site to refill. This process is continued until the fire is out.

Current Initial Response for Residential Structure Fires

A. Areas with fire hydrants

2 - Aerial Apparatus [400 gal. water each]

4 - Pumpers [1,000 gal. water each]

1 - Rescue Squad

2 - Advanced Life Support Ambulances

2 - Battalion Chiefs

B. Areas without fire hydrants

Add 4 Tankers [> 1,000 gal. water each]

Note: Specific apparatus selected for a call will be based on

  • Type – Pumper, Tanker, etc.

  • Availability – Already on a call, mechanical issues, training, etc.

  • Location – All apparatus are GPS equipped and selected based on distance from an incident