CLAYTON, Mo. — A new effort has begun in St. Louis County to help homebound residents and people with disabilities get COVID-19 vaccinations. St. Louis County health officials are expanding a program that distributes the COVID-19 vaccine to homebound residents and people with disabilities who can’t travel to vaccination sites.

Monarch Fire Protection District along with 14 other Fire and EMS agencies in the county are working to help deliver the vaccine to homes and independent living facilities. The county has been working with Fire Districts this month to help deliver vaccines through a pilot program. The county is expanding vaccination efforts to prioritize people who have no other choice than to have a vaccine delivered to their home, said one County Official.

There are a lot of folks out there who want to help, but it's also going to help us to have the community help educate people about the availability of a vaccine.” So, spread the news.

Homebound residents can call 314-615-2660 to be added to the county’s homebound list. You will receive an email or phone call to let you know it’s your turn. A representative from your local Fire or EMS agency will call to set up an appointment for the vaccination.