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Community Services

File of Life

The File of Life believes that everyone should receive prompt, quality medical care, especially when it matters most in an emergency. It is designed to make the difference between life and death by providing vital information to first responders. The File of Life format is modeled to be easy for patients to use and immediately recognized by local First Responders nationwide. If you would like a free File of Life form, please contact us here or call 314.514.0900 x 2230

Pet Stickers

We train hard to save lives and property. We understand that pets can be like family, too. We do all that we can to keep them safe as well. To help us identify any pets you may have in your home, you can place this sticker on a front window or door for us to recognize in an emergency. If you would like to request a Monarch Pet Sticker, please contact us here or call 314.514.0900 x 2230.

Community Calendar

Smoke Detector Checks

The Monarch Fire Protection District offers free smoke detector checks for our residents. If you feel that your smoke detector (or CO detector) is not working properly, please contact our administration building and set up an appointment to have a member of our team come to investigate further. Your safety is our top priority. If it is determined that the smoke detector(s) is not functioning properly, the resident will be instructed to purchase new compatible smoke detectors. Once the new smoke detectors are purchased, a Monarch Fire Protection District employee will set up a time to install them. If you would like to request a smoke detector check, please contact us here or call 314.514.0900 x 2230.

Public Event Request

If your organization would like the Monarch Fire Protection District to attend an event or you would like to visit a station, please fill click on Schedule Your Event. Please remember to check the box for the specific type of event that includes: Safety Trailer, Parade, School Event, Block Party, Fire Station Tour, Other Specific Request. All Fire apparatus will have to remain in service during public events, which means if a 911 emergency is dispatched during the event, the crew will have to leave the event quickly.