On duty Monarch personnel may wear a Pink Heals pink shirt if their Monarch I.D. is attached to the collar. The board and the chief resolved the issue of identification of on duty Monarch personnel by requiring the display of the Monarch I.D. on a Pink Heals shirt worn while on duty. There seems to be significant misinformation about the Monarch Board and their support of Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. The Board proudly supports the sale and wearing of pink apparel to promote Pink Heals. The Monarch Board is delighted to approve the use of the Monarch logo on pink shirts to help raise funds for breast cancer research and related activities. There have been no restrictions on the personal purchase and off duty wear of pink shirts nor the promotion and sale of the same to members of the public. Sadly, it appears, the firefighters’ union leadership chose to condemn the Board rather than come to the District Board and seek approval of a pink “uniform” shirt. The Monarch Board would certainly have approved the of wearing of “alternate” uniforms during October had appropriate steps been taken prior to the union choosing a design. The Board would have appreciated the opportunity to review a pink “uniform” shirt and confirm that appropriate safeguards were in place to make sure personnel were readily identifiable while wearing a pink shirt. There also needed to be safeguards in place which would have prevented someone from using a pink shirt with the Monarch logo to impersonate a firefighter to gain access to someone’s home or place of business. The Monarch Board and Monarch Employees are encouraging everyone to support Pink Heals and Breast Cancer Awareness month.