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Command Staff

Chief Cary Spiegel

Cary Spiegel started his career in 1975 with the St. Louis Fire Department. In 1979 he accepted the position of firefighter with the Monarch Fire Protection District. In 1993 he was promoted to Captain, 1999 Battalion Chief, 2006 Deputy Chief, 2014 Assistant Chief and in 2018 Chief. Chief Spiegel holds a Paramedic license, an Associate Degree in Fire Technology, a Bachelorís Degree in Business, and a Masterís Degree in Management.

Assistant Chief Les Crews

Les Crews started his career in 1978 with the Glendale Fire Department. In 1979 he accepted the position of firefighter with the Monarch Fire Protection District. He was promoted to Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief of Special Operations, and in 2018 Assistant Chief. Chief Crews is an active member with Missouri Task Force One, a FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Team, and serves in the capacity of a Task Force Leader. Chief Crews also serves as a USAR Specialist on a FEMA Incident Support Team.
During his career he has responded to several national disasters: The 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, 2011 Joplin tornado and the 2014 Mudslide in Oso Washington. Chief Crews holds an Emergency Medical Technician license, and has an Associateís Degree in Fire Protection Technology.

Deputy Chief - EMS Nick Harper

Nick Harper started his career as a fire fighter with the United States Air Force in 1976. He joined the ranks of the Monarch Fire Protection District as a fire fighter in 1979. Chief Harper was promoted to Captain in 2001 and Deputy Chief in 2012. He is a licensed paramedic, has a Bachelorís Degree in Fire Science and a Masterís Degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration.
Chief Harper currently serves as a Fire District/Department Chaplain, is State Certified in Fire Safety, Fire Officer, and Fire Instructor.
Chief Harper and his wife live in St. Peters Missouri.

Deputy Chief - Training Robin Echele

Robin Echele started his career in 1981 as a volunteer Firefighter. He took a position as a Paramedic with the Warren County Ambulance District in 1983. He accepted a position with St. Charles Ambulance District while serving as a volunteer Firefighter. He combined his emergency service career moving to the Eureka Fire Protection District as a Paramedic/Firefighter. His career progression took him to the Berkley Fire Department as a Paramedic/Firefighter. In 1990 Robin accepted a position as Paramedic/Firefighter with the former Chesterfield Fire Protection District, now the Monarch Fire Protection District. Paramedic/Firefighter Echele was promoted to Captain and then to Chief Training Officer in 2001, and to Deputy Chief, Special Operations & Training in February 2012.

Chief Echele holds a Paramedic License, has an Associateís Degree in Fire Technology, a Bachelorís Degree in Human Resource Management, Masterís Degree in Human Resource Management and an MBA. Chief Echele is a graduate of the University of Missouri Fire Service Leadership Enhancement Program and a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program. In 2010 he received the designation as Chief Fire Officer
Chief Echele is State of Missouri Certified Fire Investigator, Fire Officer II, and Fire Service Instructor III. He has National Certification as a Fire Department Incident Safety Officer. He is also a Hazardous Materials Technician with the St. Louis County Emergency Response Team.

Deputy Chief Echele believes in a lifetime of training and education.

Deputy Chief - Operations Bill Long

Bill Long started his career with the Fire District on August 15, 1988. He was promoted to Engineer in 1999, Captain in July 2000, Battalion Chief in April 2012 and Deputy Chief in February 2019.. He is a Missouri Division of Fire Safety Certified Fire Officer II and Instructor II. He has an Associateís Degree in Fire Protection Technology.

Deputy Chief Long and his wife reside in West County.

Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Roger Herin

Roger Herin began his career with the Monarch Fire Protection District in 1984 as the first Fire Inspector for the Fire District. Prior to that, he was employed by St. Louis County as a Public Works Inspector. Roger was promoted to Assistant Fire Marshal in the year 2000 and on April 1, 2011, he was promoted to Fire Marshal. Chief Herin is certified through the International Code Council as a Master Code Professional, which includes certifications in all disciplines of code enforcement. He holds certifications from the State of Missouri as a Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator and Fire Service Instructor. Chief Herin is also certified through the National Fire Protection Association as a Fire Inspector. Roger has an Associateís degree in Fire Protection Technology. He is a graduate of key fire prevention courses from the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg Maryland.

A Shift Battalion Chief Ed Fassler

Ed Fassler began his career with the Monarch Fire Protection District in July 1996 as a Paramedic/Firefighter. Ed progressed through the ranks: Engineer, EMS Supervisor, and Company Officer. June 20, 2016 Captain Fassler was promoted to Battalion Chief.

BC Fassler has an Associate Degree in Fire Science, he is a licensed Paramedic, Strike Team Leader, and he is certified as a Hazardous Materials Technician. Chief Fassler is active in Officer and Instructor Development and he is the Fire Districtís CCE911 (Dispatch) Representative.

BC Fassler has a family heritage in Emergency Services; his father is a retired Deputy Chief and he has two brothers currently serving. Ed, his wife, and their three children reside in West St. Louis County.

B Shift Battalion Chief Dave Schmitt

Dave Schmitt began his career with the Monarch Fire Protection District on Oct. 1, 1979. He worked his way through the ranks: Engineer in 1986, Captain in 1997, and Battalion Chief on August 7, 2014. Chief Schmitt is a State Certified Fire Department Incident Safety Officer, Fire Officer II, Fire Instructor I, and a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. He has an Associateís Degree in Fire Protection Technology.

Battalion Chief Schmitt resides in St. Louis County with his wife Kathy.

C Shift Battalion Chief Russ Adams

Russ has worked in the Fire and EMS field for over 35 years. He received his EMT license in 1983 and began working for a private ambulance service and volunteering for Wentzville Fire Protection District. Russ then obtained his Paramedic license in 1984 and began teaching for the Saint Louis Community College as an EMT and Paramedic Instructor. In 1987 Russ started his paid fire service career for the Robertson Fire Protection District. In 1990 Russ started at Chesterfield/ Monarch Fire Protection District, as a Firefighter/Paramedic.
Russ has held positions as a Personal Class Coordinator for the Veterans Affairs, Paramedic in DePaul E.R., Saint Louis Childrenís Hospital Emergency Room and Transport team and as a paramedic instructor for over seven years for Respond Right EMS Academy. Russ currently teaches at Lindenwood University. Russ holds the following certifications: Instructor in CPR, ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, and EMS/FIRE INSTRUCTOR. Russ is currently completing his Bachelorís Degree in Fire Service Management. While at Monarch Russ has been promoted to Engineer, Captain, Shift training Captain, and currently C Shift Battalion Chief. Russ is also part of the USAR-3 Search and Rescue team. Russ, his wife and three children reside in Dardenne Prairie MO.