Monarch is preparing for potential flooding by participating in a regional planning event due to the recent extreme rainfall in our area. Newly returned Deputy Chief Les Crews is proving invaluable to the District and the region as he is a key participant in the preparations for the possible flooding issues.

Monarchís new boat system, with a larger, more powerful, metal rescue boat coupled with a smaller, inflatable powered craft are designed for just such situations as this. Many Monarch personnel have been trained in swift water rescue as part of Monarchís efforts to provide the highest levels of service. In fact, Chief Crews is one of the primary S.W.R. instructors for this part of the state.

The Command Staff is ready to deploy needed assets in support of regional rescue efforts having contingency plans in place. While the Board always hopes there is no need for rescue efforts as it means people are in harmís way, the men and women of Monarch stand ready to respond with the right assets at the right time to protect our residentís and visitors.