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Chuck Marsonette, Fire Chief

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Chesterfield, MO- The Monarch Fire Protection District Board of Directors voted to appoint Mr. Rick Gans to fill the vacancy created on April 20 when Steven Swyers resigned from the Board. The unanimous vote to bring Mr. Gans back to serve on the Board was held at an Open Meeting this morning.

Board President Robin Harris, who served with Mr. Gans for two years, from 2009 to 2011 said, “We are fortunate to be able to appoint a man who contributed so much to the District and its residents during his more than 13 years of service. His expertise in virtually all areas of the District’s operations will be a great benefit to Director Cunningham and to me. We look forward to working together as we continue to move the District forward.”
Rick Gans first served on the Monarch Board in early 1998 when it was still the Chesterfield Fire Protection District. He was elected to two subsequent terms in 1999 and 2005, serving as Treasurer, Secretary and, for his final four years, as Board President. Mr. Gans served as the Monarch representative to the Central County Emergency 911 Dispatch Board and was instrumental in relocating that agency to the modern, present-day facility that now serves as the dispatch agency for virtually all of St. Louis County fire and EMS services. He was involved in future planning at Monarch that saw the reconfiguration of station locations creating the current emergency response times that are among the fastest in the St. Louis area.

Mr. Gans has lived in the Monarch Fire Protection District for about 30 years and his business has been located there for nearly 15 of those years. Mr. Gans holds the distinction of being the longest serving Director in the history of the District and his leadership style has earned him the respect of Directors and Chiefs from across the St. Louis area. Gans said, “I am humbled to be asked to return to an elected position that meant so much to me for many years and I pledge to work harder than ever to improve the District’s public image and its relationship with our residents and business owners. I also look forward to re-establishing the important past relationships I had with the firefighters and paramedics of Monarch.”

Mr. Rick Gans will join the Board effective immediately.