On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, while at her home in the Chesterfield Village Apartments, Sara Schrefer detected an unusual odor. As time passed the odor failed to dissipate. At that point, she chose to investigate in an attempt to locate a source. Sara discovered the sound of an automobile engine running inside a locked garage. Understanding the potential fire and health hazard, she chose to notify emergency services for assistance.

Upon the arrival of police and fire, Sara directed them to the garage. Fire personnel forced entry where an unoccupied van was found running. The van engine was shut off and all apartments above and adjacent were evacuated. Carbon Monoxide levels were immediately checked in all apartments. Many of the apartments were found to have dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide. If left unchecked, such levels of Carbon Monoxide would have resulted in unthinkable tragedy. Fire personnel used fans to reduce the Carbon Monoxide to safe levels.

Ms. Schrefer’s willingness to get involved and take the appropriate course of action may have saved many lives. The Monarch Fire Protection District is pleased to commend her actions and present her with a “Tip of the Helmet Award”.